Optical-Electrical Properties of Er3+/ Yb3+ Borosilicate Glass Ceramic

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    Optical-Electrical Properties of Er3+/ Yb3+ Borosilicate Glass Ceramic

    Glass Ceramic materials were developed around 1950 s. Thereafter many developments and researches have been carried out over these materials and now these become technologically important and useful in research, engineering and commercial fields. Various properties of glass ceramics depend over microstructure, phase assemblage and bulk chemical composition. Glass formation, workability, tendency towards nucleation as well as crystallization is controlled by the bulk chemical composition. Properties like density, coefficient of thermal expansion and chemical durability are controlled by phase assemblage i.e. proportion, type of crystallization and amorphous phases. Glass Ceramics have a wide range of microstructures, properties and applications. These are generally used in microwave radomes, microelectronic substrates, domestic cooker tops, astronotical telescopes, high integrity vacuum envelopes and biomedical applications. In present work, Er3+/ Yb3+ doped SrO.TiO2 borosilicate glass is prepared and its structural, optical and electrical characteristics are investigated
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