Thermally Stable Iridium-Based Schottky Contacts on n-type InGaN:

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    Thermally Stable Iridium-Based Schottky Contacts on n-type InGaN:

    Among the ternary compounds of III-nitride materials, InGaN has drawn a great deal of attention. GaN and Ga-rich InGaN have been considered as the most important and indispensable materials used for the fabrication of light emitters which are active in entire visible and part of the near UV spectral regions. It is well known that optional, structural and electrical characteristics of InGaN alloys can be significantly affected by the growth conditions. The fabrication of high quality Schottky contacts to InGaN is difficult because in obtaining high-quality InGaN layers with high composition of In and their low carrier mobility (compare to GaN). Schottky contacts that have large Schottky barriers and good thermal stability are critical to the realization of electronic devices. Therefore, the development of Schottky contacts to InGaN with a good thermal stability, high barrier height and low-leakage current is still a challenge. Though, many works have been done on the optical characteristics of InGaN alloys, the electrical properties of this material are not been sufficiently investigated. There are only limited works that have been done on the InGaN-based Schottky diodes.
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