Gender, Culture and Politics in Punjab - A Perspective

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    Gender, Culture and Politics in Punjab - A Perspective

    Present theme focuses on how the enculturated gender reflects in masculine politics of Punjab. Political apathy amongst lay Punjabi women stems from the permanent cultural genitals accepted as naturally inalienable because they are sourced onto their biological genitals thus creating fixation, frustration, social deprivation and cultural inferiority. No doubt Punjabi society is faced with issues of female foeticide, denial of seva and runaway NRI grooms. Sadly male mascochism and female sadism have become loud pervasive reality of life as contemporary women leadership in Punjab has been unable to curb and change negative cultural inertia preventing them to raise even genuine issues of women on electoral agenda. Actually in Punjabi society, a woman's creative activity of reproduction and production of materials stand devalued in futile comparison with men. Power bereft gender gets expression in literature and politics revealing one's mind to the reality of process of gender construction pursued in sturdy manner unknowingly in silence. Only political lesbianism can uproot the 'son preference' embedded psychologically to enable way for a gender sensitized society and politics.
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