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    Acacia Decurrens

    Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Acacia decurrens (Acacia bark, Early black wattle, Green wattle, Sydney wattle, Wattle bark, Tan wattle, Golden teak, Brazilian teak) is a perennial tree or shrub native to eastern . Including , the , the and south west to the . It is cultivated throughout Australia and the world, and has naturalised in most Australian states and also in , the , , & the , the area, and . It grows to a height of 2-10m and it flowers from July to September. Uses for it include chemical products, environmental management and wood. The flowers are edible and are used in . An edible gum oozes out of the tree's trunk and it can be used as a lesser-quality substitute for , for example in the production of fruit jelly. The tree's bark has astringent properties,[] but it has to be stored for a year before it can be made use of. The bark contains about 37-40% . The flowers are used to produce yellow and the seed pods are used to produce green dye. An organic chemical compound called is what gives the flowers of Acacia decurrens their color.
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