The Eternity of God

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    The Eternity of God

    Is God timeless? That is one of the most intriguing §questions in the philosophy of religion, not only §for students of the subject but for every scholar §who looks into field. Bernard Lonergan argues that §God is absolutely timeless because the most perfect §understanding cannot exist as a sequence of acts. §Given Lonergan s concept of time, it turns out to be §logically contradictory to postulate God as existing§in time. Richard Swinburne argues that God is§temporal (everlasting); he argues that such an§explanation is both meaningful and coherent. The§present book argues that, although Lonergan s concept§of God as unrestricted act of understanding is§meaningful, his insistence on the timelessness of God§is not justified. First, on Swinburne s minimal §definition of time, the temporal existence of a§perfect being does not imply any unintelligible §imperfection. Secondly, although Lonergan would §reject Swinburne s time as an illusion, it is only §with this concept of time that God can be said to be §truly timeless. Swinburne s explanation, therefore, §displays more explanatory power, especially taking §into consideration his criterion of simplicity.
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