Marginalisation of Australian Aborigines

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    Marginalisation of Australian Aborigines

    Despite years of policy attention, Aboriginal people§still represent the poorest and most marginalised§group in the Australian society. Previous research §has shown that indigenous Australians are §significantly disadvantaged in terms of economic, §social and cultural rights. With a notion of relative§poverty in affluent societies and a framework §involving non-economic factors as a point of §departure, this book gives an empirical account of §lived experiences of social exclusion in a specific §urban indigenous community. The data analysis §reveals that general misconceptions of Aboriginal §lifestyle and culture are deeply rooted in the non-§indigenous population; to such an extent that §stereotypes and negative attitudes are continuously §being upheld. It also shows that the Australian §Government s approach to improve the situation for §indigenous people has had significant deficiencies. §The analysis sheds some light on marginalisation of §indigenous groups, and should be particularly §suitable for professionals in the fields of §Antropology, Ethnic-, and Indigenous Studies, or §anyone else interested in issues of marginalisation §and discrimination.
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