AI algorithms for a prototype game software in Java 1.6

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    AI algorithms for a prototype game software in Java 1.6

    The games industry is evolving and expanding very§rapidly. New game hardware platforms from big vendors§are frequently released in the hope of further§expanding the market. Niche markets such as the§casual games market are also evolving and expanding§rapidly, with the internet as their primary medium§for presentation and distribution. Dot Red Games Ltd.§( is a newly formed innovative§game software company§which has been working to develop a new game engine§based on Java 1.6 promoted through the casual§market mentioned above. The engine incorporates all§the latest innovations available through 1.6 Java and§the framework is compatible with all major operating§systems, producing very satisfactory results in terms§of graphic effects capabilities, sound support, speed§and responsiveness. A prototype game was developed on§this framework, which involved the design and§implementation of efficient AI algorithms so as to§create interesting artificials opponent capable of§making decisions in real-time. Such an algorithm was§designed, implemented and tested effectively within§the time constraints of this project, fulfilling the§requirements for high quality gameplay.
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