Pychoanalytic Analysis of Oromo Novels

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    Pychoanalytic Analysis of Oromo Novels

    Oromo people are the prominent ethnic group in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. It is indeed customary among all Oromo groups to say, "Ilmaan Oromo, Afaan Oromo, biyya oromo" whatever they want to refer to their common ancestry, common language and common land of origin respectively. Although the oral tradition of the society dated back to the existence of the people, the emergence of Oromo modern novel was Dhaba Wayessa s Godaannisa ( The Scar ) and Gaddisa Birru s Kuusaa Gadoo ( Cumulative Grudge ). Both novels were written in 1992 just after the downfall of the brutal Dergue regime in 1991. The themes that preoccupied by the novels revolve around the traumatic experiences of the life of Oromo people in those bad days. The writers projected the repressed bruises of their early formative developments into the characters and mainly central characters.
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