Effects of Organisational Maturity on IT Initiatives

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    Effects of Organisational Maturity on IT Initiatives

    Achieving organisational maturity has been a long §standing Information Technology initiative §delivery issue. Maturity in organisations becomes §increasingly more important as IT initiatives §expand at such a pace that they create a need for §appreciation between IT and Business as to what each §uniquely bring to further the success of IT §initiative delivery. The purpose of this research §was to determine whether lack of maturity of §organisations creates precipitating factors which §lead to unsuccessful IT initiative delivery.§The findings were: There are low levels of maturity in organisations. There are low levels of IT initiative delivery. The importance of IT was acknowledged strongly but §the influence of IT on delivery was weak. §These results show that there is a lack of maturity §in organisations, influenced by poor governance and §alignment of processes and people management, §leading to failure to achieve successful outcomes §for IT initiatives. §A case study was provided as an example, through an §in-depth contextual study, of how a mature approach §to IT initiative induction was instrumental in §improving the success of a business.
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