The trace of the missionaries

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    The trace of the missionaries

    The morass in town is getting tougher; soon the murder of a prominent figure, perpetrated by a gang led by Phantom, has worsened the already unbearable situation whereas the Community Security Squad is making its effort to completely curb the bad situation. Ricardo the son of the most famous artist has a pet called Badboy, a skilled and smart chimpanzee. The latter, disgusted by the sad situation in town personally lassos down three men of a gang during delivery and the Community Security Squad makes a decisive arrest. Sheriff honors Badboy s effort by offering him a place in the Community Security Squad with the rank of a Sergeant. Badboy s decision to turn down Sheriff s honor is for a purpose since he is aware it is his hand that is behind his master s fame. Both Ricardo and his pet later play nasty tricks on the so-called missionaries, and the fight for freedom and justice equally leads to the arrest of the American explorers who sneak into the rich land through the high lands. In the end Phantom and his men narrowly escape the claws of the law by running away into the forest, leaving behind a bitter trace in the hearts of thousands of people.
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