Pasteurellosis in Domestic Ducks

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    Pasteurellosis in Domestic Ducks

    Ducks are considered as second widespread species in among poultry following the chickens in Bangladesh and most all over the world. Duck farming is getting popularity day by day as ducks are found relatively resistant to some diseases. But there are many constrains in large scale duck farming in Bangladesh due to inadequate attention in management, diagnosis, control and prevention of various infectious diseases, which play a vital role in high morbidity and mortality of ducks. Duck cholera occurs as a relatively common disease, recorded in worldwide including Bangladesh and outbreaks mainly in semimature and mature birds with 5 to 100% morbidity and 0.5 to 80% mortality rates. The book is emphasized on how to identify, characterize pasteurella multocida from domestic ducks with a clear guidelines for the researcher, professionals and policy maker in making national and international policy in prevention and control of pasteurellosis throughout the world.
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