Climate Change and the Extreme Events in the Himalayas

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    Climate Change and the Extreme Events in the Himalayas

    The trapping of solar heat due to the increasing presence of greenhouse gases causes global warming, a temperature increasing process, which results in Climate Change. Nepal's share in climate change is negligibly small; it is responsible for only about 0.025% of annual green house gases emissions. However different extreme event's cases brought by the changes in climatic conditions have been recorded from different parts of the country. Hence to observe and document the impacts brought by the extreme events I visited one of the national park of Nepal which falls in Himalayan region namely Langtang National Park from March 20 to 28 in 2009. The study reveals that there are many evidences showing the impacts of climate change through the occurrence of extreme events. Especially Biodiversity and water resources are more vulnerable and especially the agriculture and tourism based industries are in the great threat. However the local people have not been adapting the change brought by climate.
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