Non-Moment Mechanics

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    Non-Moment Mechanics

    Laplace transform has the advantage of directly giving the solution of differential equation with the given boundary values without the necessity of first finding the general solution and then transform any real or complex variable bearing function into the integral form. In case of more then two and three variables so as for thermo dynamical phenomenae some variables are kept constant and partial differentiation comes into play. Wave equation, heat equation etc. are such equation which may not be solved with the help of Laplace operator L. So these types of problem on which Laplace operator or transform fails will be non-moment problem function .A Non-Moment function is directly proportional to any exponential function. for the purpose of generating a new ideology and corollary on Non-Moment problem, we take into account equation (1).as the standard form of an equation representing it self as the generator of NON-MOMENT PROBLEMB function. To make our result more accurate and widely considerable, we would like to introduce some other facts and finding coherent to the convergence of result and making our formula as a very common men discussion.
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