A Study of the Phonological Features of Cameroon Francophone English

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    A Study of the Phonological Features of Cameroon Francophone English

    This book describes the phonological features of Cameroon Francophone English(CamFE).In recent years,the enthusiasm of French-speaking Cameroonians to learn English, has led Cameroon English(CamE),a local variety of English,to the emergence of a new non-native variety of English called CamFE.Given the important number of its speakers, CamFE is one of the major New Englishes which is rapidly spreading to neighboring francophone countries such as Chad,Gabon,CAR,Congo. Drawing from the theories of SLA, the book shows that mother tongue, which is traditionally readily considered as the cause of intelligibility problems in non-native English, accounts very little for CamFE. It is rather French which generally influences the pronunciation. Some of the rules discussed and formulated may thus apply to other French-speaking users/learners of English across Africa and elsewhere.The major areas covered include the segments, the consonant clusters, the genitive, the 3rd person singular,the simple past tense '-ed' morpheme, word stress, rhythm, intonation,and the formulation of many rules.This book is thus an invaluable tool for researchers and teachers interested in New Englishes phonology.
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