1/f Noise Measurement System & Studies on Thin Films of CdO and Ag

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    1/f Noise Measurement System & Studies on Thin Films of CdO and Ag

    1/f noise plays an important role in choosing frequency band in which a device can be effectively used. As 1/f noise is from the fluctuations of microscopic entities, it can act as a probe of what is happening physically at the microscopic scale. This noise limits the sensitivity and stability of many radio electronic devices, the requirements to which are enhancing constantly. 1/f noise a valuable informative parameter for evaluating the quality of materials and reliability of devices containing thin films and integrated micro chips. The existing method of 1/f noise measurement is a cumbersome in choosing each item individually. A lot of care has to be taken to match the impedance of individual units and the throughput accuracy will be at stake. An attempt is made to integrate all the parts in a compact system, which is versatile, sensitive enough resulting in an improved experimental technique.This book explains different theories regarding 1/f noise, discusses the theoretical aspects of thin films. The core of the book is, one can find the design aspects of the developed experimental setup in detail, which illustrates the hardware & software involved in the system.
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