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    Nollywood Video Film

    Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry, is the world's second-largest producer of films behind Bollywood; Hollywood places third. Nollywood is third among them in the highest-grossing movies. It exploded during the many phases of political turmoil, particularly under the stresses of military dictatorship. This book is an ideal introduction to exploring the impact of Nollywood's utilization of video film to tell Nigerian and other African stories, while also exploring how these video films act as an intersection between Africans and their cultures. Nollywood pratically resorted to shooting movies on video format mainly because of the high cost of celluloid. Nigerian movies are deeply rooted in cultural traditions and social contexts that focus on Nigerian community life. Crafted with traditional African idioms, proverbs, costumes, artifacts, and imagery, Nollywood movies are brought to life through common genres such as love and romance, comedy, melodrama, epic, and religion.
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