Practical Intelligence in Engineering Laboratory:PhD Pilot Instrument

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    Practical Intelligence in Engineering Laboratory:PhD Pilot Instrument

    Experience in an engineering laboratory is an important element for engineering students and likely to enhance engineering concepts, which they have learned theoretically. Although the aim of the laboratory is giving opportunities to learn and gain experience, the author does not know what actually happens in the laboratory. The development of experience either intentionally or unintentionally, will happen when the students are doing the laboratory. Through their experience, they may possibly be able to detect and solve problems or easily diagnose faults of the equipment. Thus, in this series of books, the author s PhD research attempt to explore issues of unintentional learning @ tacit knowledge @ practical intelligence in engineering laboratory classes environment. The research explores the issues from scratch, literature reviews; develop measurement instruments, experiments, and analyses data until valuable finding of the research. This PART 2 of the book is describing the development of measurement instrument from scratch till pilot version of instruments, to be used to measure the existence of practical intelligence on students while performing laboratory classes.
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