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    tibits at home

    Natalie Portman and Stella McCartney do it; Leona Lewis and Richard Gere also do it. Vegetarian food is en vogue. Everywhere. And the success story of the family business tibits goes to show that eschewing meat does not necessarily mean austerity but on the contrary, enjoyment, variety and culinary pleasure. In the five tibits restaurants in Switzerland and the one in London, you can enjoy a large menu of simple yet sophisticated, tasty vegetarian food. We are happy to introduce a cookbook featuring 50 of our favourite, easy to make recipes many of them gluten and dairy free a must for aficionados of high-quality vegetarian cuisine. Glamour comes with the meat free menu Evening Standard The food was so flavourful and nourishing, we didn t even miss the meat Zest magazine tibits cuisine proves veggie dining can be downright delicious Roger Black, Olympic silver medallist A really good vegetarian restaurant is a difficult thing to find, but tibits is exactly that. Healthy as well as incredibly tasty, their food is just wonderful Hannah Murray, Skins, Games of Thrones actress A vegetarian restaurant that even meat eaters will love TNT magazine The swish Swiss eatery is the perfect pit stop for a guilt free shoppers lunch Harper s Bazaar
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