Continuing Professional Development

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    Continuing Professional Development

    This book is based on an exploratory, interpretative §grounded theory study looking at Continuing §Professional Development (CPD) in diagnostic §radiography. Using in-depth interviews §and secondary analysis of published material, a CPD §Process Model was generated, bringing together the §components that affect CPD participation and §effectiveness. Although much has been written §previously about CPD, little has been said about the §process that is, how and why CPD produces widely §varied results in apparently similar circumstances. §The CPD Process was shown to be complex and dynamic §and centred on the Individual, with supporting §components of Facilitation and External Influences, §leading to (hopefully) participation and §effectiveness. It is the holistic and dynamic nature §of the Model, the inter-related nature of the §categories outlined, and the centrality of the §individual throughout the CPD Process, which offers §a genuine contribution to the field of CPD. §This book offers readers a deeper understanding of §the concept of CPD which can be used by individuals, §teams and departments to enhance the effectiveness §of ongoing development.
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