The Impact of Cardiac Coherence Training on Executive Functioning

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    The Impact of Cardiac Coherence Training on Executive Functioning

    This quantitative, archival study based upon data that was originally collected using a quasi-experimental design analyzed archival pretest-posttest data regarding inhibition, emotional regulation, working memory, and cognitive flexibility before and after an intervention of a cardiac coherence training program incorporating HRV biofeedback. Sixty-three participants, ages 7 to 14 were involved in the study, including 30 in the treatment group and 33 in the control group. Split-plot analysis of variance (SPANOVA) was used to assess the impact of the intervention for the four dependent variables. SPANOVA yielded no significant differences among inhibition, emotional regulation, working memory and cognitive flexibility in response to the coherence training intervention. Future research in this area would benefit from the utilization of more objective measures of executive functioning. The assessment of treatment acceptability on the part of students and staff would also be an area for future research.
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