Berlin Everyman Mapguides - English edition

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    Berlin Everyman Mapguides - English edition

    Forget the flimsy, unwieldy map from the tourist office you can never get to grips with, which disintegrates after it's rained on it once. Forget the exhaustive and very useful - but very heavy - guidebook you end up wishing you`d left in your hotel room. Forget you can`t read a map on your small smartphone screen. Forget you haven`t been given an iPad for your birthday. A MapGuide is the most portable and practical all-in-one map-and-guide available today.§And it`s easy to understand how they work: early in the guide a general map shows the division of the city into areas and pinpoints the 10 sights you really shouldn`t miss if your visit is short. Two pages cover each area: one highlights our favourite restaurants, shops, bars, tearooms and markets in that district, and the other - which you discover when you unfold the restaurant page - features a map of the area and the sights not to be missed there. These sights are illustrated, carry a brief description and marked clearly on the map.§At the front and back of the guides are two horizontal foldouts - the first with practical information on the city, the last with hotel reviews and transport information. To top things off, each guide now has a useful street index at the end. At the back of the book a fully illustrated spread highlights the best experiences to be had in the city. In all, between 120 and 170 addresses, regularly updated, plus some 60 to 100 not-to-be-missed sights and a list of a 20 to 30 carefully selected hotels in all price ranges. Whether you are away for two days or seven, these compact guides are the perfect travel mates.
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