The Feminist and The Sex Offender

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    The Feminist and The Sex Offender

    A powerful case for freedom and transformation, for accountability and repair the next course for feminism in the era of #MeToo
    With analytical clarity and narrative force, The Feminist and the Sex Offender contends with two problems that, despite their inextricable linkages, are typically siloed in the era of #MeToo and mass incarceration: sexual and gender violence, on the one hand, and the states unjust, ineffective, and soul-destroying response to it. Levine and Meiners ask if its possible to confront the culture of abuse, to hold harm-doers accountable, without recourse to a criminal justice system that redoubles injuries, fails survivors, and retrenches the conditions that made such abuse possible. Drawing on personal experience, reportage, and history, iThe Feminist and the Sex Offender /idevelops an intersectional feminist approach to ending sexual violence. It maps with considerable detail the unjust sex offender regime while highlighting the alternatives we urgently need.
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    Durnell Marston
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