Computational Design

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    Computational Design

    Computational design is a post-disciplinary pursuit that operates at the intersection of science, engineering, architecture, and design. What new strategies, tools, methods, and workfl ows for conceptualising, generating and producing the built environment do and can computational designers use? Do new opportunities to enhance design agency and realise more sustainable and resilient built environment design outcomes exist when thinking through technology? How can the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry overcome technical, economic, social, cultural, and regulatory barriers to implement new systems and processes? Computational Design: From Promise to Practice argues that to realise the full potential of computational design necessitates an approach that brings theory and research inquiry into closer dialogue with the realities and conditions of the design, delivery, and production of the built and urban environment as well as its livedexperiences. This book documents an action-research approach that underpins the Computational Design Education and Research program at the University of New South Wales, Australia and that simultaneously combines theory and practice, researchers and industry practioners, and action and refl ection. The innovative range of theoretical positions and projects presented here demonstrate how a synergistic approach to transforming real-world industry challenges into academic research inquiries and learning opportunities can in-turn positively transform the AEC industry and 21st century cities.
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