Psychosynthesis Theory and practice

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    Psychosynthesis Theory and practice

    The author, marked by traumatic experiences in early childhood, being the daughter of a political prisoner in Poland during the communist regime, sought her "prescription" for health for years of her scientific work. She found this in psychosynthesis with which she was known in the second half of her life. Thanks to psychosynthesis, she was able to heal not only her childhood wounds of the psyche, but above all the roots of her problems of physical health. She was particularly appealed to by the spiritual perspective of the sense and meaning of human experience brought by psychosynthesis. This spiritual aspect found practical expression in the educational program prepared by the author for participants from various environments. It allows the growth of human self-awareness and "health education" so that after many years (as it was in her case) no therapy is needed. "This integral approach to human development and health created by psychosynthesis, the author expressed in the novel and original program of "education for the future", also creating a framework for its evaluation - building a language to describe internal experiences.
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