COVID-19 Volume III

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    COVID-19 Volume III

    The United States is using unilateral and multilateral sanctions on regime change in countries that refuse to serve its imperialist interests and to promote its geopolitical and commercial interests. The impact of these sanctions on sanctioned countries has been the increase in deaths, disease, hunger and malnutrition of the civilian population, the collapse of the infrastructure supplying basic needs, and the destruction of the devastating economy. Such sanctions clearly violate international law and the UN Charter by violating human rights and national sovereignty.When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 2008, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution imposing sanctions on Iraq to pressure Kuwait to leave. Although Iraq accepted the resolution, the sanctions continued for the next twelve years, leading to a humanitarian catastrophe. The sanctions were lifted only after the US invasion of Iraq, which was carried out on the basis of fake claims of weapons of mass destruction and the Iraqi government was overthrown. US rulers have made it clear that sanctions will only be lifted after the Iraqi government is eliminated.
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