Fundamentals of Nanoscience

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    Fundamentals of Nanoscience

    Nanoscience offers educators the possibility to bring into the classroom the concept of "interdisciplinary". we have numerous examples of nanoscience in Nature, as well as in historic artefacts. The educator has therefore an opportunity to truly show how nanoscience integrates not only scientific disciplines (chemistry, physics, biology etc.), but also humanistic ones. Some practical ideas on how to exploit this opportunity are given at the end of this Module in end of this teachers training package in a document titled "Nanoscience and nanotechnology in the classroom".The application of nanoscience to "practical" devices is called nanotechnologies. Nanotechnologies are based on the manipulation, control and integration of atoms and molecules to form materials, structures, components, devices and systems at the nanoscale. Nanotechnologies are the application of nanoscience especially to industrial and commercial objectives.
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