Influence of CCB treatment in the properties of particleboards

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    Influence of CCB treatment in the properties of particleboards

    The particleboard is an engineered product of the wood, made from the gluing of small, deconstructed pieces from the wood processing using a bonding resin. Because it is a material subject to attack by xylophagous organisms, the wood treatment with preservative is essential to ensure its durability. The CCB (chromium, copper and boron salts) is a more interesting alternative to CCA (chromium, copper and arsenic salts) due to its efficiency in combating degradation and, especially, lower toxicity. The mixed polyurethane resin based on vegetable oils is also a choice over traditional urea-based resin, whose major problem is the emission of formaldehyde during pressing. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the technical feasibility of particle board production using Pinus wood treated with CCB and polyurethane resin based on vegetable oils. For this, three different resin concentrations (10%, 12% and 15%) were used in combination with the presence or absence of the preservative, obtaining 6 types of treatment. The results met the normative requirements of Brazilian documents ABNT NBR 14810 (2013) and European EN 312 (2003).
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