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    Sandra Ratkovic

    -Images of Brexit -Detailed Street Photography -Complex portraits -Images of Brexit -Detailed Street Photography -Complex portraits
    The desire to depict other places and cultures is the driving force behind Sandra Ratkovic's photographs. To do so does not require any exoticism on her part, but a close look at everyday culture and its contradictions. That is why her most recent projects did not lead the German photographer to far-distant lands, but to a country that has become a stranger to itself. In England, Brexit divides minds, the economy, and politics, and leaves everyone looking at an uncertain future. In Merseyside County, her detailed shots elicit a portrait of a country where serious patriotism and kitsch permeate each other. The less they are differentiated, the stronger the feeling of inner conflict there is underlying them. That these photographs are at the same time replete with sensitivity toward the people shown is what makes Ratkovic's subtle art so special. SANDRA RATKOVIC (*1980, Frankfurt am Main) studied art history and fine arts photography. Her works are seen in numerous international exhibitions. She uses the camera for documentary shots that point out the bizarre and paradoxical in everyday life. Ratkovic lives and works in Berlin.
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