Internationales Handbuch der Berufsbildung: Griechenland

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    Internationales Handbuch der Berufsbildung: Griechenland

    Vocational education and training in Greece is particularly interesting for two reasons: firstly because of the prevailing educational tradition which favours academic studies; and secondly because of the economic and political developments of recent years and their repercussions on the institutional structure of VET. The financial crisis, which hit Greece with full force, and the deep recession that followed, led to a confusing array of cuts across both public and private sectors, and brought about sustained change to the country's society, demography, labour market, economy and politics. This country study addresses the major factors shaping vocational education and training and presents current approaches towards reform, in a radically transformed national context.
    The publication is part of the International Handbook of Vocational Education and Training series. This standard work in comparative vocational education and training research is intended for an academic audience as well as vocational education and training practice.
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