Future Green Renewable Energy Resources & its Emerging Technologies

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    Future Green Renewable Energy Resources & its Emerging Technologies

    This book covers various details regarding major renewable energy resources like solar energy; wind energy and biogas energy and technologies for various applications. The book is conceived as a standard reference book for students, experts, and policy makers. It has been designed to meet the needs of these diverse groups. While covering the basics of scientific and engineering principles of thermal engineering, heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics, and renewable energy resource assessments, the book further deals with the basics of applied technologies and design practices for following renewable energy resources. The book is designed to fulfill the much awaited need for a handy, scientific, and easy to understand comprehensive handbook for design professionals and students of renewable energy engineering courses. Thus, a lot of emphasis has been placed on system sizing and integration. This book will be really useful for all undergraduate, postgraduate students as well as faculties and research scholar as its contains all important topics related to various renewable energy along with its technologies and economic analysis for installation of different resources.
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    Scholar's Press
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