Low concentrated green NaOCl: synthesis, properties, application

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    Low concentrated green NaOCl: synthesis, properties, application

    Data on the reactivity of hypochlorites are presented in the monograph. It has been shown that oxidative activity of hypochlorite in a neutral medium is largely due to not only direct, but also secondary action. It was revealed that the use of a low concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution leads to the oxidative destruction of such a chemically and biologically stable substance as T-2 mycotoxin, which poses a serious danger to humans and animals. The possibility of using low concentrated NaOCl solutions in advanced oxidation processes has been shown, especially to process animal feed and food products. In this regard, the synthesized solutions can be classified as environmentally safe, since the main product of their interaction is sodium chloride. A conditionally reagent-free technology for obtaining of green NaOCl solutions was developed, anode electrocatalysts were recommended; modes of the process and methods of control of the resulting solutions were given. Low concentrated sodium hypochlorite solutions synthesized by this technology are stable and can be used for water disinfection, in veterinary medicine and medicine.
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