Review on Some Non-Chemical Weed Management Practices

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    Review on Some Non-Chemical Weed Management Practices

    Widely known losses caused by weeds have exceeded the losses from any category of agricultural pests. From immemorial farmers face battle with weeds, and struggle to control through different methods, ended by using of herbicides, as there is a dramatically increase in unique cases of herbicide-resistance weeds worldwide from 1980 to 2000, with public concern for safer food. So that dependence on herbicides can be reduced if not eliminated, hence farmers often need to rely on alternative methods for weed management. This increased the importance and scope of non-chemical weed control, therefore, wise use can provide effective weed control that the use/choice of weeding method depends upon technical and economic factors, hence the efficacy of existed non chemical weed control methods has been re-evaluated in many parts of the world. This review presents some of studies concerning the non-chemical weed management practices as a guide for novice researchers and students, to explain their characteristics and limitations.
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