Conundrum of Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool for brand awareness

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    Conundrum of Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool for brand awareness

    Academic Paper from the year 2019 in the subject Business economics - Customer Relationship Management, CRM, , course: Research Paper, language: English, abstract: The Corporate Social Responsibility Fund enables Sea Flower to make a weighty contribution to the Lüderitz community, and subsequently to have a lasting impact on Namibia by enhancing the welfare of her people. It is, therefore, the desideratum of this paper to articulate the conundrum of Corporate Social Responsibility as a tool for brand awareness. A quantitative research design was deployed, which encapsulates collecting, analyzing and data numerically and descriptively . Survey research was conducted to collect data from the sample. The quantitative research method was employed for computation of mean, standard deviation, correlation and regression analysis. Corporate leaders are antagonized with ethical conundrum from paying bribes and discrimination. CSR is construed as a governable space by ushering to the surface some inherent structural challenge. As the cardinal point of linkage between corporate and community, the predicament and opportunities that these moots for local people, and indeed CSR practice more largely, remain relatively concealed. 48% of participants strongly agree that lack of consensus on implementing CSR issues. 12,2% neither agree nor disagree that there is a lack of consensus on implementing CSR issues. The fundamental conundrum of CSR communication is disseminating issues to stakeholders' attention and circumventing doubt towards their messages. Based on the findings, the discourse recommends that corporate entities should invest in CSR activities in all its ramification to boost their image/reputation, thereby increasing their returns. Reputation is a core asset within the industry. The execution of CSR could be construed to reduce risk. Management should prepare detailed and useful CSR reports and be transparent with the process of CSR.
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