A Study on Effectiveness of Direct Selling Companies

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    A Study on Effectiveness of Direct Selling Companies

    Project Report from the year 2017 in the subject Business economics - Offline Marketing and Online Marketing, grade: A, Dr. Gafoor Memorial MES Mampad College (University of Calicut), course: BBA, language: English, abstract: This report is an attempt to go through the details about the satisfaction level of IBOs, their personal development and market position of organization and to provide strategy to the organization for gaining the market share. As per my study and knowledge a very less study, research is conducted in this area and hence there is vast scope for the study.

    Now a day most of the problems in any business organization are arising due to human resources. The current scenario in the global business world has a lot of problems which are mainly associated with marketing management and ultimately the sales force i.e. marketing people and distribution-network (wholesaler, dealers, distributors and retailers). In case of Amway the sales people are IBOs i.e. Independent Business Owners.

    The satisfied marketing team will certainly lead organizations, societies, countries and finally the world to the vertex of the pyramid of success. Most of the research work on direct selling or multi level marketing area focuses on the customer's satisfaction, customer's feedback, customer relationship management and after sale services. No study was undertaken to highlight the development of distributors in the area of direct selling. In order to fill up this gap this topic has been selected for the study. Apart from having the practical experience of assigned project, the findings of this report can be also beneficial for the organization.
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