The Effects of 9/11 on American Immigration Culture and Laws

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    The Effects of 9/11 on American Immigration Culture and Laws

    Pre-University Paper from the year 2017 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 1,3, , language: English, abstract: The present text focuses on 9/11 and its effects on American immigration culture and laws. Immigration has always been a big topic in the United States. Many people from the whole world were searching for a new home and a better future. First I will have a look at the immigration and the resulting culture in course of the industrialization because of some big changes in these topics. The September 11, 2001, was a day that not only changed the United States of America. Three attacks that shocked the world within one day. Attacks that were unknown to the world because of the initiation of a terrorist organization called Al-Qaeda. An organization that came from close to scratch and directly attacked the superpower USA to achieve their ideologies. 2973 lives were lost at this day because of the attacks. More than 15 years are already passed by since the attacks and the citizens still keep away especially from the Muslim immigrants. So time is not a solution in this case to unite the society again. In the future the situation will not be simplified with the new president Donald Trump. His plan to build a wall between the American and Mexican border because of the continuing wave of illegal immigration from Mexico is maybe going to protect the country from these immigrants but the distances in the American society will be increased again. It will take much time until they are able to live with the immigrants together like it was in the past. The government tried to get the trust of the population back by combating the actual cause of the attacks of 9/11.
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