Places, Spaces and Voids in the Holocaust

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    Places, Spaces and Voids in the Holocaust

    The EHS issues are thematic. Each issue features a selection of peer-reviewed research articles, which offer novel perspectives on the main theme. Includes: - Kim Wünschman, Andrea Löw: Captured on Film: The Demolition of the Munich`s Main Synagogue and the Reordering of City Space in Nazi Germany - Michal Frankl: Cast out of Civilized Society. Refugees in No Man`s Land between Slovakia and Hungary in 1938 - Beate Meyer: Foreign Jews in Nazi Germany - Protected or Persecuted? Preliminary Results of a New Study - Dominique Schröder: Writing the Camps, Shifting the Limits of Language: A Semantics of the Concentration Camps? - Tal Bruttmann, Stefan Hördler, and Christoph Kreutzmüller: A Paradox Panorama. Aspects of Space in Lili Jacobs Album - Irina Rebrova: Jewish Accounts of Soviet Evacuation to the North Caucasus - Malena Chinski: Michel Borwicz, Joseph Wulf, and the Re-Creation of the Jewish Historical Commission in Paris (1947-51). New Directions in »Khurbn-forschung« - Anna Engelking: »Our own traitor« as the Focal Point of Belarusian Folk Narrative on Local Perpetrators of the Holocaust - Hannah Wilson: The Memoryscape of Sobibór Death Camp. Commemoration and Materiality Der Band erscheint vollständig in englischer Sprache.
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