Managing e-Business Projects

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    Managing e-Business Projects

    The book provides a solid framework for managing e-business projects. With the increased popularity of web technologies, a growing number of people are now becoming involved in e-business. The book is primarily intended for current and prospective e-business project managers who wish to share ideas, experiences, and best practices. Recent market surveys of GartnerGroup, Forrester, and StandishGroup indicate that many e-business projects fail due to a lack of operational excellence in project management. Some project management techniques proven in traditional IT projects for decades can be also applied to e-business projects, but not all. This book shows which proven techniques are still valid and provides new techniques for situations that are unique to or have a special significance in e-business projects. Based on real-world experience, 99 concise key success factors are discussed preparing the reader to manage e-business projects on time and on budget.
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    Springer, Berlin
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