Frank Lloyd Wright, Home and Studio, Oak Park

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    Frank Lloyd Wright, Home and Studio, Oak Park

    It was in his home in Oak Park that Frank Lloyd Wright made his first contributions to the Modern movement. In 1889 he designed the first part of the house, in 1895 he added to it for his wife, Catherine, and their family, and in 1898 for his architectural practice. The entire building was a learning laboratory of modern architecture. While not a Prairie School house, it led to the development of the Prairie School. Wright's constant changes to this complex paralleled the evolution of his early architectural work and career. There, with his young assistants, he rethought the plan, spaces, materials, proportions, and lines of American residential architecture, creating a revolution on the Prairie. His home and studio provided the architectural environment in which to experiment with his ideas in three dimensions. The house featured contemporary art work, oriental tribal rugs, and Japanese decorative arts chosen by Wright and his wife. The studio was decorated with classical plaster sculpture, Teco ceramics and selections from Wright's large collection of Japanese prints. Wright completed the interiors, toned in nature's hues, with furniture and builtin furnishings of his own design, harmonious to the whole. The colour photographs of Jon Miller of Hedrich- Blessing show a glimpse into Wright's first haven, where he challenged prevailing notions about the country's architecture, and which he then left, to continue as one of America's most significant architects. Included in the book is a portfolio of historic black and white photographs of the building, a number of them taken by Wright himself.
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