Poisonous plants in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra

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    Poisonous plants in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra

    The book 'Poisonous plants in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra' is a Ph.D. work of the author Dr. Mukund B. Shende under the title "A study on poisonous plants from Chandrapur District of Maharshtra State" during the period of 2010 to 2014 in the field of Botany and Toxicology. As the green plants produces number of secondary metabolites like alkaloids, Terpenoids, Phenolics and Cyanogenic glycosides. The purpose of these products is probably defense against microbes and animals. Many of such secondary metabolites are toxic to human being and other living organisms. The present study is about such poisonous angiospermic plants in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra, India. The important part of this study is about cynogenic plants. These plants contains Cyanogenic glycosides and hence are capable for producing Hydrogen cyanide in little and more quantity from 5 to 800 ppm and accordingly they are categorized as toxic and non-toxic Cynogenic plants. Total 422 plants study was done by the author. Out of them 331 plants were found Cynogenic plants. This study is useful in the field of toxicology, Environmental Science, Agriculture,human nutrition, medicine and plants diversity.
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