The Knowledge Services Handbook

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    The Knowledge Services Handbook

    The titles published in Knowledge Services are written to provide knowledge strategists with theoretical and practical advice for ensuring the level of excellence in knowledge sharing they are expected to provide. New and innovative approaches to the management of intellectual capital and - in particular - to the development of knowledge strategy development are offered.
    Knowledge services converges information management, knowledge management (KM), and strategic learning into a single enterprise-wide discipline for the benefit of the business or organization in which it is practiced. As the strategic framework for strategic management, knowledge services leads to excellence in knowledge sharing and ultimately to shaping the organization as a knowledge culture. This book provides prescriptive direction for the professional work of the knowledge strategist, who is the organization's management/leader with responsibility, authority, and accountability for the success of the organization's knowledge domain. "Wisely optimistic, with helpful hints for the management of knowledge services."Frances Hesselbein, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA "Devotedly 'Druckerian' in outlook, the St. Clair and Levy book rightly emphasizes the leadership and organizational cultural aspects of enterprise knowledge, constants that do not change rapidly, and that constitute much of the difference between success and failure."Timothy Wood Powell, President, The Knowledge Agency and Author, The Value of Knowledge
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