The ultimate guide to true everlasting happiness

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    The ultimate guide to true everlasting happiness

    We live in the era of globalization comprising of interconnected and border-less nations specialising in the free flowing of individuals, information, knowledge, transnational corporations, technology and labour. E-commerce is running rampant with online shopping websites and consumers who are addicted to shipping products to their households. Despite attempts made by post-modernism and post-development studies to discredit and move beyond the theory and practise of modernity, such attempts have proven to be fruitless. This is because modernity is not subject to time and space. Modernity has modelled itself as a proactive agent that assists humans in adapting to changing conditions presented by the forever changing nature of the present. It does this by forecasting the future and prepares individuals. This of course helps us in a variety of ways, as without modernity, the world would revert back to the state of nature, which is 'survival of the fittest'.
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