English Morphosemantics

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    English Morphosemantics

    Everything has a purpose. Nothing goes waste. The elements which seem less important play a significant role in the making of a system. Vocabulary is of a vital importance in the act of linguistic communication. It is difficult to communicate effectively and efficiently without appropriate words. Affixes have a significant role in language. Though they are bound morphemes and cannot occur independently, their contribution to language as a successful tool of communication is quite considerable. Modern linguists have given affixes the status of linguistic sign with unitary meanings. If the Morphosemantics or Semantics of word-formation is focused, while teaching English, the learners would think of the meanings of complex words by decomposing them, and that would enable them to read and write English more sensibly. The knowledge of meanings of affixes would increase the comprehension abilities of the learners, and they would be able to comprehend whatever they would read and listen in English easily. In this book Uttam Patil offers detailed discussion on morphosemantic aspect of commonly used English affixes. The book is of considerable help to students, researchers and teachers
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