Media Hypes and Disaster Management: The Case of Rana Plaza

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    Media Hypes and Disaster Management: The Case of Rana Plaza

    Media hype is not a new phenomenon in Bangladesh. It is widely admitted that the intensity of media hype in Bangladesh has rapidly increased over the years. We cannot deny the fact that media hype has become a profitable business for both the reporters and the owners of the media both print and electronic. Morality, integrity and objectivity of news media have been banished from the domain of objective journalism. General people depend on news media for many information. When people see that media provide them false, half true or distorted news or information, they lose their interest and confidence in the media. This has, in fact, happened in Bangladesh. I feel that resorting to media hype should be made a punishable offence. This measure may reduce the intensity of media hype. Most of the owners of media in our country are hardcore businessman. Their only aim is to earn profit by any means, fair or foul. Social responsibilities and moral bindings are almost absent in their thoughts and consciousness. We do not have strong press regulatory body. This gives our journalists an unbridled scope to exaggerate and distort facts or real incidents.
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