Parental Mediation on Reality Show's Content in Tamil TV Channels

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    Parental Mediation on Reality Show's Content in Tamil TV Channels

    In the present global scenario, the world has become more competitive and the power of communication is vigorous. The media plays a role of paramount importance by interlinking people and countries, and it is an integral part of our lives. Children are constantly bombarded by media messages especially reality shows. The producers of the programs work aggressively to entertain and keep the teen audience watching in order to turn a profit by selling advertising space and merchandise associated with these programs. To make the program attractive and entertaining many elements of life are exaggerated. These programs are at the risk for viewers especially kids how may develop a false conception of the world that may be dangerous or limiting. No one can avoid media messages only way is to think about how to overcome the problems. Parental mediation in a positive way is an ideal and somewhat 197 realistic solution help to mitigate some of the potential deleterious effects. This study focuses on how to view reality shows using critical thinking skills.
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