Review History of Bela-Shangul(1405-1960)

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    Review History of Bela-Shangul(1405-1960)

    Bela-Shangul / berth people is one of the pioneers and originally belong to the famous Nile-Sahara family member around eastern Africa, and it has played a great role throughout the time of Black Sultanate, it is one of the three well-known ethnics who has found a percent root republic of Sudan (funj / Bela-shang marry and Southern-Sudan people). Bertha / Bela-Shangul have played a crucial role in introducing trade and Islam around western Ethiopia Additionally, the Bertha / Bela-Shangul region, having its well-known mining like gold, with this has contributed a lot in building a modern Ethiopia. Bertha / Bela-Shangul have faced so many challenges in the fact of its regional locations around the Ethiopian-Sudanese border, since the Middle Ages, Bertha / Bela-Shangul was oscillating between different powers like independents funj Kingdom; Turkish-Egyptian, Mahdist; Abyssiuia ... .. Nevertheless the oscillation had made the region to pay a historical lose and remain dependents. Having all of the above, a few scholars have come to record the historical events of the region, and most of them were disorganize and fail to reflect the real historical explanations of the region.
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