Princess Alice of Greece

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    Princess Alice of Greece

    What is the peculiarity of monarchical rule? Britain managed to change several Royal dynasties, but the change of name caused by completely different circumstances. The first and fourth monarch with the surname Windsor: George V and Elizabeth II. The monarchical form of government persisted in England for almost 1,000 years, during which the crown repeatedly passed from one dynasty to another. Connoisseurs may recall Lancasters, Yorks, or even Plantagenets. Elizabeth II has ruled GB for about 70 years as the wisest and longest-reigning monarch. Her husband, Prince consort Philip, turns 100 in 2021. He is healthy and full of creative plans. After retiring from public Affairs, he took up literature and painting. Until 1917, the Royal dynasty called Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-a legacy from the time of Queen Victoria, who married Prince Albert. Victoria herself came from the Hanoverian dynasty, but the descendants of her and her husband began to bear the name of their father, but not for long: only under Edward VII, who was called the "uncle of Europe", and George V, who decided to return the dynastic name of Windsor. The reason was the events of the First World War...
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