The Making of the Theatre of the Oppressed

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    The Making of the Theatre of the Oppressed

    Traces Augusto Boal's development of the most used theatrical methodology in the world - the Theatre of the Oppressed
    Theatre of the Oppressed is the most used theatrical methodology in the world today. But more than a decade since the death of its creator, Augusto Boal, there has been very little critical engagement with its fascinating origins. This book traces the historical, political and artistic path that led Augusto Boal to develop his world famous methodology Uniquely positioned as a former student and long-time collaborator of Augusto Boal, Geo Britto Lopes offers new research and biographical details on the life of Boal, his involvement in revolutionary movements, and his relationships with militants and militant intellectuals. He combines historical narratives with a mastery of the theoretical project and a grounding in the practice as it has evolved. The book acknowledges the richness and complexity of the work, how it evolved through myriad iterations, and the wide range of ways it influences its diverse practitioners and opens several new windows for future research. It is perfect for people with an interest in political theatre and art as social transformation.
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