What are the most common forms of deviant behaviour among pupils?

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    What are the most common forms of deviant behaviour among pupils?

    Academic Paper in the subject Pedagogy - School Pedagogics, , language: English, abstract: The primary purpose of the study was to determine the factors contributing to deviant behaviour among with a secondary purpose of outlining strategies that can be adopted to solve deviant behaviours among pupils. The result of this study was intended to enable parents, policy-makers, curriculum planners and developers, and the government to formulate a road plan on how to ensure that the increasing rate in deviant behaviour among pupils in basic schools in Ghana would be reduced. On the side of the pupils who are the next generation of leaders, it will go a long way in ensuring or inculcating an acceptable lifestyle and perception towards one's behaviour. Again, it would enable policy makers to realize the need for enacting and enforcing appropriate policies that would be of help and bring about the welfare of the youth. Socially, it was intended to encourage acceptable social standards and encourage a sanitized environment free from violence, corruption and other social problems by educating the youth on the importance of observing good behaviours. Society will immensely benefit from it because when the pupils' unacceptable behaviours are brought to light and the roles the society plays in making such behaviours escalate, it will revisit its culture and moral standards causing it in order to curb it. With this, their norms, beliefs will be respected and the social standard of the society will be improved. It would also place the school in a better position to formulate programmes and remedial courses for pupils identified with deviant behaviours. This will in a long way reduce or eliminate the perception society has about the school as a major contributing factor to deviance in the society Finally, the study will add to the recorded information on strategies can be adopted to solve deviant behaviour among pupils.
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