Root Canal Irrigants and Irrigation Protocols

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    Root Canal Irrigants and Irrigation Protocols

    Successful therapy of the root canal relies on the combination of proper instrumentation, irrigation, and root canal obturation. Of these three essential steps of root canal therapy, the most important determinant in the healing of periapical tissues is the root canal disinfection by irrigation. For irrigation, various means of delivery systems are used, from traditional syringe-needle delivery to different machine-driven systems, including automatic pumps and sonic or ultrasonic energy. Conventional needle irrigation during the irrigation of root canals is a commonly used technique. But in cases of root canal complexities such as isthmus, fins, lateral and accessory canals, the efficacy of this technique is limited. Various irrigation activation techniques have been developed to increase the efficacy of irrigation solutions for this purpose. This book will enlighten us all about the various endodontic irrigants which are available and different ways to activate them which will ultimately help in disinfection of the root canal and to prevent reinfection.
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