Zweistimmige Inventionen - Two Part Inventions

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    Zweistimmige Inventionen - Two Part Inventions

    Two part inventions
    Johann Sebastian Bach was primarily a keyboard instrumentalist, but he is said to have been an excellent string player, too. Many of his works for keyboard instruments lend themselves wonderfully for performances on stringed instruments.
    The nyckelharpa, which at that time, was very probably no longer known in German-speaking areas, perfectly melds Bach's two musical souls. With its very special articulation possibilities, the bow leads through the melodic and rhythmic twists and turns of the individual parts, the keyboard with its keys and tangents enables precise intonation, and there is an open string sound for each note - ultimately this provides possibly a unique transparency of the complex harmonic structure of his works. We should also not forget the sympathetic strings of the instrument, which due to the fact that the played notes sound longer, thus enable a better sensing of the harmonic connectedness.
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